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Fly Fishing in Esquel - Chubut - Patagonia Argentina.


This is the place where you will find Fly Fishing Guides and Outfitters from Patagonia Argentina.

The Esquel area in Patagonia Argentina is one of the most incredible fishing areas in the world, well differentiated because it combines wild diversity and quality of trout.

Fly fishing is the prefered method in this area. Experienced head guide Javier Diez maximizes the potential of the diverse waters in the area and provides an enjoyable experience for the angler. 


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Located 2000 kilometers (about 1200 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires, Esquel is situated in the northwest corner of the Chubut province, 350 meters above sea level.

Near the Chilean border and framed by the Los Andes Mountain Range, the Esquel area is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A great deal of the surrounding landscape is  protected by Los Alerces National Park, conserving the rare flora and fauna. 

Lakes and rivers in the park hold a variety of fighting fish, including Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Landlocked Salmon, and Perch. Esquel is a fisherman´s paradise.  



Rainbow Trout  ( Onchorinchus Mikiss )

Brown Trout  ( Salomo Fario )

Brook Trout  ( Salvelinus Fontinalis )

Landlocked Salmon  ( Salmo Salar  Sebago )

Perch  ( Percichthis Trucha )

Pejerrey Patagónico ( Basilichthis Microlepidotus )




The fly fishing season opens in November and continues through the end of April. The best months are December and January because the trout feed aggressively and the climate is best, though any month you will enjoy an unforgettable day of fishing.

No matter how long you want to stay with us, we will customize your preferences in order to help you best enjoy your days in Patagonia.



Fishing Zone: 


Fly Fishing in Esquel and National Park "Los Alerces" Area

Inside the basin of the Futaleufú River, short and varied rivers have a stable flow that, in their majority, join the lakes offering areas of scarce sensibility to the fishing pressure. 


The most outstanding rivers are:

  • We cannot forget the well-known Arroyo Pescado Spring Creek, located in private lands where it´s fly fishing only. Quantity and quality is what characterizes this place.  The fishing here is mostly with dry fly and with imitations of terrestrials. Most of the trout here are Rainbows  35 to 60 cm.  

  • The Rivadavia River also has a small and productive Spring Creek El Canal where sight-fishing prevails and the size of the trout must be seen to believe it. This river has difficult access without the use of a raft. Here we find quality Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout, and Landlocked Salmon averaging 40 to 70 cm.  

  • The Grande, or Futaleufú River, is well-known for the quantity of Rainbow and Brown Trout, and some Chinook Salmon.   

douglas barnes photography -

douglas barnes photography -


  • The Nant y Falls River is born in the productive Rosario Lake and is a river  of calm waters, offering opportunties with dry flies and nymphs.    

  • The Carrileufu River is similar to a deep channel due to the clear color of the water. Surrounded by Lengas and Ñires Trees, this river holds many Landlocked Salmon, Rainbows, Browns, and Brooks between 30 and 60 cm.   

  •  The Arrayanes River, a short and slow river, lacks runs and it is differentiated by the turquoise color of its waters. It is surrounded by a forest of Arrayanes to compliment the good fishing.   

  • The Frey River is a beautiful and great river to sight-fish.  Rainbows, Browns and Brooks all prevail in sizes that oscillate between 35 and 55cm.   






In the Lake Zone: 

  • Verde Lake is known by for good fishing and surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The trout that prevail here are predominately Rainbows with sizes that oscillate between 35 and 50 cm. In smaller quantities we find Browns and Brooks.


  • Larga Lagoon is famous for large trout to 70 cm, although the amount of strikes is variable.                                       

  • Cholila Lake is known for landlocked Salmon between 35 and 60 cm, but  also holds Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout.  







If you need lodging, please send an e-mail and we will let you know what the options are. 



Food & Beverage


In your fishing day we provide your food & beverages.

Lunch includes a nice combination of meats, cheeses, vegetables, wine, and dessert making this an experience that you’ll be looking forward to daily.

Everything is homemade and prepared by Susana ( Javier's wife ) with the same love and professionalism as the rest of our service.





For the non-fishermen, or if you need a break, there are other recreational and cultural activities abound:



Send an e-mail requesting the type of fishing program that interests you most, and we can arrange the best trip possible depending on the climate conditions and water levels.  Please specify the dates you intend to fish and we will inform you of the availability. Lodging can be arranged. Deposit required.


Thank you and good fishing.




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