At the beginning and at the end of the season, warm clothing is important, but comfortable for fishing: thermal socks, pants and shirt (base layer) quick-dry pant and shirt, fleece sweater, buff and a rainproof jacket are fundamental.
The weather sometimes changes quickly (especially during November, March and April ) and sometimes it rains and even snows.
In mid-summer a quick-dry pant and shirt, fleece sweater, buff and a rainproof jacket are more than enough.


The fishing could be in rivers or streams, drifting from rafts or drift boats and wading of the coast; or in lakes and lagoons, using motor boats. A pair of breathable waders are recommendable to stay dry throughout the day. The comfort of wading boots is also very important. We recommend that the soles are without nails and without felt so as not to damage the rafts and boats, besides to avoid the contagion of invasive algae.


Bring 2 or 3  rods. The best combination is:
3/4 weight for spring creeks and small flies
4/5 weight for dry flies and nymphs
6/7 weight for streamer fishing


Floating Lines for each  rod
Sink tip lines (wet tip II at IV)
Tenny T200 or T300.
Shotting line Sink IV or V




The length and diameter of the leader is very important, depending on whether you fish in a lake or a river, with dry flies, nymphs or streamers.
Each situation requires a specific diameter and length so we recommend at least having leaders from 7 to 9 feet in length measures 0X, 2X and 4X and tippets rolls from 6x to 0x to cover all needs.


Dry Flies:
Humpy - Elk Hair Caddis - Royal Wulff - Adams - Parachute Adams  - Adams Irresistible - Stimulator - Irresistible - Light Cahill - March Brown - Mosquito - Royal Coachman -( Size 12-14-16-18-20-22 )

Pheasant Tail - Prince - Kaufmann´s  Stone - Montana Stone - Bitch Creek - Brassie - Gold Ribbet Hare´s Ear  - Green Caddis Puppa - Zug Bug - Dragon Fly Nymphs - Damsel Fly Nymphs -Olive Scuds ( Size 8-10-12-14-16-18-20-22 )

Sonker - Matuka - Double Bunny - Muddlers - Leech Marabou - A large color  variety of Wolly Buggers, especially black, orange and olive with flash tails and bead/cone heads.( Size 2-4-6-8)

Chernobyl Ant - Hoppers - Foam Ant - Parachute Hoppers - Parachute Black Ant - Dave´s Hopper - ( Size 10-12-14-16-18 )


Sunscreen, solar sombrero or cap and polarized glasses are essential. It is also recommended insect repellent, camera, strike indicators and many flies (because you can lose many during a fishing day in stones, trees and very strong strikes).